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- Jayme Brandt

Gardenfire is a brand of inspirational message apparel and gifts by Twice Born, Inc, which is owned by me, Jayme Brandt. This company operates under simple truths that are taught in scripture. For example; God has given me a talent and asked me to use it for His glory. Matthew 25:14 begins a parable that Jesus is teaching. I see this as a metaphor and a promise. What we do with what He has given us matters. Not how much you were given, but what you do with it. Talent here can mean an ability as in "of the arts", or a financial blessing or free time or a number of things. The parable is not simply about money and investing as some will teach. God's plan seems to be more eternal, more permanent. It must also be about the spreading of the gospel, loving others, building His kingdom and demonstrating the grace He has shown us. He has given us the kingdom and we are responsible to do something. He has given you life, salvation, a voice, and from there on it differs depending on who you are. However, you definitely have at least those first three things. Put them to work. Share your life, work out your salvation and be a voice speaking truth in love to this world. Don't wait for someone smarter to do it, someone healthier to act it out, someone more talented to create the thing. Fight the temptation to do nothing. Here is a ministry idea for you : If you know someone that is serving God through a ministry, serve that ministry before you create one of your own. Pour yourself into something that brings no praise to you. This brings Glory to God. Gardenfire is trying to do this very thing in service and support of Mercy Ships and others.  We select a few ministries that are gospel centered and motivated to serve the poor and the weak. Join them and watch God transform who you are into someone that is more like Him. He does this through brokenness. READ THE FULL STORY

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